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Member Spotlight: Aline Libassi

To know the Tulum Rotary Club is to know all of our outstanding members. And what better way to begin than introducing you to our current President and fearless leader, Aline Libassi!

Aline has been a member of the Tulum Rotary Club for seven years and has served as Secretary and President for the past two years. Born in New York, she studied Italian literature and language at the University of Bologna and received her Masters in Bilingual Education. Aline taught Italian and French in grades two through high school in Connecticut where she and her partner Thomas, a master carpenter and builder, live part time.

Aline is the mother of two wonderful children: Francesca and Matthew. Her passion for education and children led her to collaborate on an afterschool in Macario Gomez with colleague Erika Wittman, and as the Director of the Los Arboles Non Profit Association she has spearheaded many projects including environmental education, Mayan culture, art education for children with learning disabilities, among others.

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Great idea to highlight each of the Rotary Club members…especially us newbies!

Jan 17, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! We are proud of our members and how everyone offers something unique to the club through diverse backgrounds and experiences!

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