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Imagine Rotary | 2022-23 Presidential Theme

“We all have dreams, but acting on them is a choice. Imagine a world that deserves our best where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.”

-Jennifer Jones, Rotary International President

"Imagine Rotary" is the 2022-2023 presidential theme chosen by this year's Rotary International President, Jennifer Jones. As Rotary International continues to grow and evolve, Jones is focused on embracing change and envisioning a bright future. She stated in her theme address, "You don't imagine yesterday, you imagine tomorrow." Jones wants members to imagine the possibilities in the change they can make to transform the world.

With the 2022-23 presidential theme comes a new logo, designed by renowned Australia-based Indigenous artist Riki Salam, who also designed the logo for the 2023 Rotary International Convention which will be held in Melbourne, Australia. While honoring the Indigenous culture, Salam's image represents Jones’ theme and initiatives as well as key elements of Rotary.

  • The circle in aboriginal culture signifies our connections to one another.

  • The dots around the circle represent people, one for each of our areas of focus.

  • The circle and the dots together become a navigation star, which signifies Rotary’s guiding light.

  • The solid line underneath signifies a digging stick used for hard work — a tool that Rotary’s people of action use to get things done.

The colors purple, green, and white have significance as well. Purple stands for the eradication of polio, which Rotary has been working towards for over 35 years, green stands for environmental conservation, the newest addition to Rotary's areas of focus, and white stands for our core mission of peace. It is also noteworthy that these are the colors of the Women's Suffrage Movement, as Jones is making history serving as Rotary International's first female President.

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