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We recognize that our area has many new residents, whether that be "expats" from the US or Canada or Mexican nationals from elsewhere in Mexico. And one thing that many have in common is not being aware of the history and unique aspects of this area that we all now call "home".

After one of our members heard a very compelling discussion about the "discovery" and history of Akumal, a decision was made to launch this Speaker Series with a Zoom session featuring that speaker.

A HUGE thank you to Laura Bush Wolfe, owner of Lolha and Hotel Akumal Caribe in Akumal Playa. She shared with the virtual audience her compelling story about the history of her family and answered every question that was asked.

If you weren't lucky enough to attend the original Zoom session, then you're in luck! Click HERE to access the recording of that Zoom session.

And make certain to check back here and follow us on social media to learn about the next installment of our Speaker Series. If there is a subject that you'd like to hear an expert speak about, then drop us a quick note and let us know.

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