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Deforestation has serious negative impacts on the environment and local communities. 50,000 trees are destroyed every minute on our planet.

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Rotary in Mexico, and to do our part in helping to reverse this trend, we secured and planted more than 100 tree seedlings with our partner Sendero Verde. We focused plantings on 2 areas of Tulum:
An abandoned street located just off 307 a block north of Aki, that has been converted into a green space leading into Villas Tulum community.
And the Deportivo Sports Complex in Tulum is a large area and was in need of many more trees along the perimeter walking/running path.

In addition to our club members and Sendero Verde staff and volunteers, our local Tulum FC Futbol team even cam out to help us plant!

This effort really ignited our passion for creating more green space in the area so we'll be announcing other planting initiatives in partnership with Sendero Verde in the future.

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