Tulum Rotary Health Education Center at Hekab be Biblioteca

We're embarking on an exciting new project with Hekab be Biblioteca in Akumal playa!  


It has become very apparent that many expats and tourists want to donate medical supplies as well as their time and expertise in helping to teach and empower the local population to adopt better health and medical routines.  As it is not possible to volunteer, screen, test and educate in a Mexican medical facility without a Mexican medical license, then there is a serious need for a permanent “non-medical” facility to be created in order to maximize the impact of the assets being generously offered.

Hekab be Biblioteca has generously agreed to loan us a permanent space in their facility so that we can create a permanent health education facility in Akumal where children and families can be educated on a variety of preventative care techniques and provided with the tools and equipment, all free of charge. 

Based on available supplies and expertise, we envision the facility being able to provide:

•On-going glucose testing and counseling as well as hypertension control

•Dispensing of readers and free basic eye exams

•Dispensing of toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss along with education on basic dental hygiene

•Free dental exams from area dentists volunteering on days off

•Annual group of visiting dentists from U.S.

•Breast cancer detection education and counseling

•Health and fitness classes

The physical space will need to be renovated and supplied with plumbing, flooring, cabinets, counters, entry for, exam/education area, and equipment.  In order to do so, we need to raise funds!  We estimate $8,000 USD will be needed.  You can help support this project by sending donations directly to Hekab be Biblioteca:



Or plan to play in on our monthly Texas Hold 'Em fundraising event!  Details can be found here: 

diabetes pic.jpg

Our dream is for generous donors to assist in providing the funds needed for the building project, along with proceeds raised from our monthly Texas Hold 'Em Tournaments.  We project that ongoing tournaments will provide the needed funds for equipment, and ultimately for purchase and replenishment of needed supplies and educational materials.